Applications and Forms

Applications and Forms

Below you will find a list of applications for joining the Orange County REALTORS®, subscribing to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) through Orange County REALTORS®, or updating your existing membership information with us.


Applications are processed up until 30 minutes before closing. Please arrive early so we can set-up your membership, explain your benefits, and answer any questions.

REALTOR® Membership Choices

Please provide from your former association:

1. Designated REALTOR®

Licensed Broker joining Orange County REALTORS® as the Broker of Record for an office.


Salesperson (and Broker Associate) joining Orange County REALTORS® and the CRMLS under a REALTOR® office that is active with Orange County REALTORS®.

3. Transferring REALTOR® or Designated REALTOR®

Salesperson or Broker transferring a membership from another REALTOR® Association. Please make sure to transfer your Supra key and all Lockboxes. Please provide from your former association:

  • Letter of Good Standing
  • CRMLS Transfer Form (if applicable) – contact Orange County REALTORS® for this form

4. Secondary REALTOR®

REALTOR® Broker or Salesperson joining Orange County REALTORS® for benefits or MLS access (holds REALTOR® membership concurrently at another REALTOR® Association).

CRMLS Access without REALTOR® Benefits

5. MLS-Only Broker

Licensed Broker subscribing to the CRMLS.

6. MLS-Only Subscriber

Salesperson or broker associate joining an MLS-only office.

7. Licensed Appraiser

Licensed Appraiser subscribing to the MLS (search access only).

8. Appraiser Trainee

Appraiser Trainee subscribing to the MLS (search access only). The supervising Appraiser must currently be an Appraiser subscriber with Orange County REALTORS® before a trainee can join.

9. Assistant

Application for unlicensed individual or licensee with an inactive BRE license and acting as an assistant to a Salesperson, Broker, or Appraiser.

Marketing and Networking (no access to CRMLS)

10. Affiliate

Individual who works in a real estate “affiliated” business such as Title, Escrow, Financing, Lending, Inspection, and Staging.

11. Student

Individuals who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary education institution or a California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE)-approved real estate licensing school.


Updating Membership Information

1. Member Transfer Form

This form is required for salespersons transferring offices and must be signed by the new Broker or Authorized Office Manager. The Agents license must show new employing broker on the BRE website in order for us to process your transfer to the new brokerage. REALTORS® transferring from other Associations should not use this form—instead, please use a new REALTOR® application.

2. Member Update Form

Use this form to notify Orange County REALTORS® of your updated personal contact information.

3. Membership Cancellation Form

This form must be turned in to Orange County REALTORS® if you are canceling your membership. Please refer to form for transferring or Supra key information.

4. Affiliate Member Transfer Form

Use this form only if you are transferring from one OC REALTORS®® member office to another member office to another.

5. Broker Update Form

Use this form to notify OC REALTORS® of a new Broker of Record for your office. The new Broker of Record must have a fictitious business name (also known as DBA) listed on their broker or officer’s license with the DRE.

6. Letter of Good Standing Request

If you need to join another Association of REALTORS® or complete a reciprocal key or listing agreement. (Letters of Good Standing are sent directly to the other Association only.)

7. Termination of Salesperson

Brokers: please submit this form to notify Orange County REALTORS® when a Salesperson is no longer working under your office. This form is not a substitute for BRE Form 214.

8. Open an Additional Office*

Brokers of Record: use this form to create an additional office location with Orange County REALTORS®. *This form is not a substitute for submitting CalBRE's Branch Office Application (RE 203).

Other Important Forms

7. Credit Card Authorization Form

Use this form when submitting your credit card number for payments.

8. Lockbox Purchase Transfer

If you purchase a lockbox from another Orange County REALTORS® member, you’ll need to have the seller complete this form.

9. Non-Member Purchase Authorization

This form may be submitted to Orange County REALTORS® to allow a non-member to purchase certain items on your behalf (see form for purchase exceptions).

10. Local Area Disclosure Form

The Orange County REALTORS® Risk Management Committee has created a new and updated Orange County Local Area Disclosure. The purpose in developing this updated version is to enable our members to have at hand a disclosure document that focuses on items that might prove to be of concern to their clients and that are especially, and in some cases, uniquely, associated with Orange County. (Example: The Banning Ranch Project)

Designated REALTOR® Compliance Forms

11. Limited Function Referral Office Certification (LFRO)

Licensees working for a separate entity owned by the Designated REALTOR® (Broker), which is exclusively engaged in referring clients, can be excluded from your dues calculation. Any licensees identified on the Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) Certification Form are excluded from paying REALTOR® Dues and the Designated REALTOR® (Broker) is not responsible for paying the $615 non-member assessment.

12. Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) Certification

Affiliated MLO licensees in your firm may be excluded from your dues calculation. You must provide a list of the affiliated MLO licensees and certify that all of the listed licensees: (1) have an MLO license or endorsement; (2) are not engaged in real estate licensed activities except those for which an MLO is required; and (3) are not participants or subscribers in any Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”).

13. Commercial Certification

In the case of a Designated REALTOR® member in a firm, partnership, or corporation whose business activity is substantially all commercial, any assessments for non-member licensees shall be limited to licensees affiliated with the Designated REALTOR® in the office where the Designated REALTOR® holds membership, and any other offices of the firm located within the jurisdiction of this Association.