Supra's Wireless Information Network provides agents with a safe and reliable means for accessing and showing properties, and it provides agents with timely information about their listings.

The Supra key service works throughout Southern California, except San Diego County and a few areas in Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the accessibility of the Supra key service.


SupraWEB is Supra's online key information management system. Get showing activity updates, manage your lockboxes, pay your bill, and more. Login to SupraWeb

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For information about lost or damaged keys, transferring your keys and keyboxes to/from another Association, upgrading your service, or canceling service, please contact either Orange County REALTORS® office for more information. All other inquiries should be directed to Supra:

Supra Contact Info

4001 Fairview Industrial Dr SE
Salem, OR 97302
Technical Support: (877) 699-6787
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iBox BT LE

Supra's iBoxes securely store your listing's keys. They are available for purchase at either Orange County REALTORS® office. Please ask us about programming the open hours for the box or if you need to activate its Call Before Showing (CBS) code. By default, keys may be obtained from the keybox from 8:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. during Daylight Savings Time and from 7:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. during normal PST.

User Guide

Keybox Assistant

Have you wondered why you are asked for a reason when releasing a shackle? The feature triggering this is the Keybox Assistant and it is built into the “Open Shackle” function of the eKEY application. This will explain the four different choices when choosing a reason to remove the shackle.

  1. Adding on a new listing

    Select this when a keybox is placed on a new listing. Make sure you are at the location when selecting this option. If you have already assigned the listing to the keybox, choosing this option will remove the listing assignment and no assignment is made (GPS info from the eKEY/cellphone will help determine the address).

    A prompt to enter the house number or MLS listing ID displays on the key.

    When the listing ID is entered, it is assigned to the keybox.

    When a house number is entered, the Supra system searches the listing database and attempts to find a match. If a match is made, you will receive a notification email that the assignment has been made.

    The Supra system continues to search for a match for 30 days, if no match is found, no assignment will be made.

  2. Removing from listing

    Select this if the keybox is being removed from the home, such as when the listing is no longer active. After removal, the keybox is unassigned and ready to be placed on a different listing.

  3. Relocating on same listing

    Select this if the keybox is being moved from one place to another at the same listing. For example, relocating the keybox from the door to the rail leading to the door is a reason to change the spot where the lock box is located. No action will be taken on the keybox’s assignment when this choice is made.

  4. None of the above

    Select this if the shackle is being released for purposes of testing or other reasons. When this choice is selected, the keybox assignment remains unchanged.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the importance of being asked why you wish to remove a shackle from a Supra iBox BTLE and how this feature allows an additional way to assign a keybox to a listing. For more information, please contact Supra at (877) 699-6787 from 5AM to 7PM, 7 days per week excluding select holidays

Supra- Agent Training Program

The above program provides webinars offered to Supra eKEY users and additional information to assist the agents.

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