ZipForm® Plus is a free benefit for members of the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.). It allows agents to access and complete C.A.R.’s Standard Forms online. Its library is updated automatically to ensure you are using the latest, most current forms.

Members are usually able to access the online platform within 24 hours of joining the Association or reinstating membership. You will need your C.A.R. membership number to access zipForm®.

All OCR REALTORS® receive access to zipForm® Plus for free but must renew annually by March 31. To renew your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to zipForm® via
  2. Click on "Renew Now"
  3. Click "Renew Member Benefits"
  4. Click on the "Continue" button
  5. Click "Exit Order"

zipVault® MLS-Connect

With zipFormMLS-Connect®, you can import data that is stored electronically in your MLS database, which has not been keyed into zipForm®. This eliminates the need for double data entry for many fields in a transaction. zipFormMLS-Connect® is FREE within your zipForm® account.

To use zipFormMLS-Connect®:

  1. First login to zipForm® Plus
  2. Start a new transaction or open an existing transaction
  3. Add a coversheet (this is not necessary, but best illustrates what information is imported through zipFormMLS-Connect®)
  4. Click on the "Tools" tab at top of the menu bar
  5. Click on the "MLS Connect" button
  6. Now enter the MLS listing ID (make sure to choose the Listing Type)
  7. After the listing is found, click the import button
  8. A confirmation window will appear confirming to import this information
  9. Once confirmed, the information will be added to your transaction and all forms within the transaction

zipFormMLS-Connect is also available within zipForm® Plus. Click on the house icon while inside a form to launch the tool. For additional training on zipFormMLS-Connect® and to learn about the new zipForm® Plus, visit:

Electronic Signature Products

Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0™ 
Benefit through: California Association of REALTORS®

C.A.R. now offers Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0 (Powered by Authentisign®) electronic signatures for free to C.A.R. members. Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0 (Powered by Authentisign®) is a digital signature solution for signing transactional documents within zipForm. Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0 (Powered by Authentisign®) works seamlessly with zipForm®, allowing REALTORS® to instantly send real estate forms requiring signatures, and eliminates the cost and time of printing, faxing, or traveling to get paper copies signed.

This is a free C.A.R. member benefit.


Benefit through: National Association of REALTORS® 

DocuSign® is a digital signature solution that allows you to send and receive electronically signed C.A.R. Standard Forms through zipForm® Plus.

The National Association of REALTORS® offers a discount for NAR members. For current plan pricing, visit: