The success of any Association ultimately depends upon the contributions of its members. The Orange County REALTORS® relies upon the dedication and service of our REALTOR® and Affiliate members. By participating on a committee, each member helps to guide the Association by recommending improvements and overseeing programs and expenditures.

Ideas that are discussed at the committee level become motions, which then are brought to the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors for consideration. Once a decision is made, the Orange County REALTORS® Leadership and Management Team are tasked with implementing the objective.

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Affiliate (North and South)
Maintains a mutually beneficial balance between REALTORS® and Affiliate members. These committees are made up of professionals who provide education and information to REALTORS® and spearhead the Association’s major fundraisers. They also provide support for many other Association projects and social events. 

Anonymous Complaint
Reviews anonymously submitted REALTOR® advertisements, business cards, flyers, or newspaper clippings to determine if an alleged violation of the Code of Ethics or MLS Rules has occurred. If so, a letter explaining the violation is mailed to the recipient and his/her Broker and Office Manager. The recipient is given 10 business days to respond--this provides an opportunity to correct the violation and to educate members on how to avoid future violations. Subcommittee of Orange County REALTORS® Grievance Committee. 

Reviews and proposes amendments to the Association Bylaws, when appropriate. Meets annually or as needed.

Researches, plans and presents an annual agenda of industry-related seminars, events and/or workshops to meet the present and future needs of members and further support them in their individual businesses. 

Serves as the fiscal arm of the Association. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all financial activities and requests for non-budgeted items. Prepares the annual operating budget. By appointment only.

Global Business Alliance
To create and advocate educational programs and partnerships designed to raise member awareness of global clients and investment groups in our local market, and to provide the dissemination of information that facilitates and promotes greater interaction, understanding and cooperation across cultural lines within and peripheral to the real estate profession. Learn more.

Focuses on expanding REALTOR® knowledge of green housing trends and educating agents on how these trends will benefit their real estate business. Provides resources to help agents “go green” in their real estate practice, tools to educate the consumer on what makes a home, building, or property green, and guidance on how to list and market green properties. The task force also aims to familiarize agents with local communities' green practice guidelines. 

Reviews complaints against members to determine if the complaint warrants arbitration or grievance hearing. Must be a REALTOR® member for at least 3 years, attend mandatory training, and meet membership requirements to qualify. 

Leadership and Professional Development
Prepares the slate of prospective Board of Director candidates in addition to identifying, encouraging, and mentoring the Association’s future leaders. 

Local Government Relations (North and South)
Focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns that pertain to our market area. The Association supports both a North and South Local Government Relations Committee. 

Acts as a liaison between the Association’s REALTOR® membership and the Multiple Listing Service. Brings REALTOR® concerns and recommendations regarding policy and procedure to the CRMLS Board of Directors. 

OCAR Cares Steering
Manages charitable events and member relief fund.

Political Affairs and Elections (PAEC)
Handles political and election activities on behalf of the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors. Makes recommendations to support or oppose candidates for election to city, county, and state offices. Makes recommendations to support or oppose ballot measure and other issue-related campaigns. Conducts fundraising activities for the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF). Requires knowledge of local government and elections. By application only.

Professional Standards
Enforces the REALTOR® Code of Ethics by holding hearings of alleged violations. Committee members must be Association members for at least three (3) years and complete annual mandatory training to qualify. Members of this committee serve on hearing panels. 

REALTOR® Risk Management
To provide a forum to identify trends and issues that may be, or are putting REALTORS® and/or their clients at risk, to educate Brokers, Managers, and General Counsel and to provide information to other Orange County REALTORS® Committees as appropriate.

Young Professionals Network
The Orange County REALTORS® Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a growing group of career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay informed of the latest tools, resources, and networking opportunities. Every Orange County REALTORS® member is welcome, and there is no age limit.