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Purchase an ad to get your company in front of 14,000+ Orange County REALTORS® members with the 2022 Fall/Winter Resource Guide! All active Affiliate Members (as of 7/31/22) will receive a FREE text listing in the guide’s second printing (fall/winter edition). Purchase an ad for additional exposure! The guide will be automatically mailed out to all active OC REALTORS® members (14,000+) in September.


Ad Pricing for 2022 Fall/Winter Resource Guide Quarter Page Half Page Full Page Back Cover
Advertising $360.00  $720.00  $1,200.00  $1,600.00 
Graphic Design (optional) $60.00  $125.00  $200.00  $200.00

DEADLINE: July 31, 2022

To purchase an ad, download the Advertising Agreement and email it to ivan@ocrealtors.org.

To update your contact information for publication in the Resource Guide, email affiliates@ocrealtors.org.


Disclaimer: Orange County REALTORS® presents the information in this Resource Guide as a service to our members. We make no warranty concerning these advertisers and inclusion of any advertisement shall not be considered an endorsement of the advertiser, product or services involved.

Need a Lender? Looking for Mold Inspection Expert? Or maybe you are looking for a local Mechanic. Either way, we've got you covered with our Resource Guide! You can also search for Affiliates in our Online Member Directory.

This guide includes a comprehensive list of our Affiliate members as well as member benefits and discounts available to you. We encourage you to check your mail for a copy, peruse the digital copy above, and be sure to support your fellow Affiliate members!

28,000+ of these guides will be distributed throughout the year via:

  • Direct mail with our March/April issue of OC REALTOR® Magazine
  • Direct mail with our September/October issue of OC REALTOR® Magazine
  • Our Laguna Hills & Fountain Valley offices