Privacy Policy

Orange County REALTORS® recognizes the importance of protecting our members’ personal information. For that reason, we have implemented the following privacy policy:

  1. We gather the following types of information needed to process your transactions, fulfill your requests, and maintain our membership records:
    • Contact information you provide (which includes but is not limited to the information you provide on the Membership Application such as your personal and business addresses, phone and fax numbers, e mail addresses, firm affiliations and titles).
    • Information you volunteer, via applications, correspondence, voice mail messages or surveys (for example, education, designations, specialties, affiliations with other real estate organizations and general demographic data.
  2. We use this information to:
    • Improve and customize other communications tools, such as the What’s Up, Education Central, and our Monthly Magazine, The Orange County REALTOR®.
    • Notify you of updates to our site.
    • Notifying you of important legislation and court decisions affecting the real estate industry
    • Notify you of relevant products and services.
    • Notify you of upcoming events and programs.
    • Track usage of our sites.
    • Assist local and state REALTOR® associations and affiliated Institutes, Societies and Councils in membership tracking and for their use for purposes similar to those listed above.
  3. To the extent of the applicability of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) or any other law or regulation, by participating in any aspect of Orange County REALTORS®, Members agree to waive any and all rights relating to the maintenance and deletion of personal data and information contained in or used by Orange County REALTORS®.  Nevertheless, Orange County REALTORS® does not share, sell or trade e-mail addresses, but may provide you with online informational or marketing messages that have been approved by Orange County REALTORS® for the purposes described in Part 4 of this policy (below).
  4. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide other information about you to third parties, except for:
    • Fellow Orange County REALTORS® members
    • When required by law or valid legal process, or to protect the personal safety of our members or the public.
    • Compliance with California Corporations Code, Section 8331, 8332, 8333 and 8334.
  5. Credit information that you and credit authorizers provide when you make payments by credit card for products, dues or other services via Internet Member Services will only be used to process the transactions you request. This information will be provided to and maintained by reputable credit reporting databases, but will never be sold, shared or provided to other third parties.
  6. We maintain security procedures and standards which we believe are as safe as today’s technology permits. We test these procedures and modify them regularly as new technologies become feasible.
  7. You may opt-out of receiving communications from us and if you are member of Orange County REALTORS®, you can choose to opt out of inclusion in the directory.  Edit your personal contact information at any time directly by logging into My Account or by contacting
  8.  If you are not a member of Orange County REALTORS®, you can choose to opt-out of receiving communications from us by contacting