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Do You Know Someone Deserving of the Leadership Legacy Award?

Nominations are now being accepted until January 3, 2020 for the Leadership Legacy Award.

Recipients of the Orange County REALTORS® Leadership Legacy Award must have demonstrated a clear understanding that leadership is not only about being in charge but also about taking care of those in your charge. They must have demonstrated, in the words of Peter Drucker, the ability to “lift a person’s vision to higher sights, raise a person’s performance to a higher standard, and build a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

Recipients of this award must have during an extended period, exceeded expectations and gone well above and beyond to serve their community and the industry. The Leadership Legacy Award will be presented during the Annual General Meeting of the Orange County REALTORS®.

If you know of an Orange County REALTORS® member who fits this description, please complete the Nomination Form and indicate your reasons for nominating this person. Include specific comments and examples in
each category.

Download Nomination Form


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