Annual Dues Renewal

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When Are Payments Due?

2021 Dues and/or MLS Fees renewal payments are due Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Please pay on time to avoid a $35 late fee and possible interruption in services.

Payment Options

Your annual statement can be either paid in full or in installments. You have two payment options:

  1. Pay in full. Pay it all at once, at the beginning of the year or earlier. We recommend this option.
  2. Pay monthly. Pay every month for the first 6 months between January and June.

“Monthly for the first 6 months” Option:

  • Payment Plan dues dates: Remaining monthly payments are due by Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 11, May 11, and Jun 11.
  • We will send email reminders for each installment. We suggest that you set reminders on your calendar or sign up for automatic payments (details below), as well as add “Billing@ocrealtors.org” to your Contacts.

How Do I Pay?

We accept AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, and cash. You can pay:

  1. Online
  2. Auto-Pay Authorization (also available in MyAccount)
  3. Mail Your Payment - send payments only to 25552 La Paz Road, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (do no sent to Fountain Valley office)
  4. Fax Your Payment
  5. In Person - Drop off in front door mail slot at Laguna Hills office


Watch a Tutorial on How to Pay Online:

As a Designated REALTOR® (usually the Broker), What Do I Need to Know?

Your annual dues include the non-member assessment. Full payment of the assessment is required to maintain your REALTOR® membership and the REALTOR® status of all agents in your office. You or your Office Manager may log into My Account, and select Pay Your Office Account Online to see all unpaid invoices (for the Jan 05 due date) for agents in the office. Unpaid agents affiliated with your office will each trigger an additional non-member assessment. You can require them to pay their renewal invoice, you can remove them from your license or pay the fee for each of them.

What Portion of My Dues Are Not Deductible?

Primary REALTORS®, please refer to the reverse of your invoice for the full details:

2021 Estimated Portion of Your Dues that are Non-Deductible 

  1. NAR - $57.00 (lobbying)
  2. C.A.R. - $77.84 (lobbying)
  3. OCR  - $5.68 (lobbying)
  4. Subscription to California Real Estate Magazine - $6.00
  5. Subscription to OC REALTOR® Magazine - $6.09


2020 Estimated Portion of Your Dues that are Non-Deductible

  1. NAR - $57.00 (lobbying)
  2. C.A.R. - $79.27 (lobbying)
  3. OCR  - $8.58 (lobbying)
  4. Subscription to California Real Estate Magazine - $6.00
  5. Subscription to OC REALTOR® Magazine - $7.08