Local Area Disclosure Form

The Orange County REALTORS® Risk Management Committee has created a new and updated Orange County Local Area Disclosure. The purpose in developing this updated version is to enable our members to have at hand a disclosure document that focuses on items that might prove to be of concern to their clients and that are especially, and in some cases, uniquely, associated with Orange County. (Example: The Banning Ranch Project) 

This disclosure cannot be claimed to be a complete and exhaustive recitation of all the Orange County conditions and issues that might ever be of concern to someone who is purchasing property here and using it increases the chances that the buyer will be reminded to investigate any other special concerns they might have. This Local Area Disclosure is a "living" document that will be periodically updated throughout the coming years. To that end we encourage you to forward any suggestions or additions you might have to the Orange County REALTORS® Risk Management Committee. Submit suggestion(s).

The Local Area Disclosures can be accessed through zipForm® and Glide.