Do you need volunteers?
Orange County REALTORS® can help.

REALTORS® are dream keepers. They protect the American Dream of home ownership by working at all levels of government to support policies and practices that make housing more available and homes more affordable.

REALTORS® are matchmakers. They bring together people who need homes with houses that need residents. They give people the keys to a home. They help families become part of a neighborhood. They open doors to a new way of life.

REALTORS® care about our community. They want homes and neighborhoods to be safe. They want schools to improve and youngsters to succeed. They want military service to be recognized and veterans to be honored. They want seniors and families to know where their next meal is coming from and to have enough food to eat.

REALTORS® volunteer. They volunteer to make good things happen now, to fill the gap between what is and what can be. They spread the word about pool safety and drowning prevention. They help install smoke alarms in crowded neighborhoods. They build homes for wounded veterans. They assemble bags of compassion, gather donated toys, and collect nonperishable food items. They stock shelves in food banks and prepare the soil for planting in school gardens. And they serve as guides during the Orange County Stand Down for Homeless Veterans.

Please let us know how Orange County REALTORS® can help your organization by completing the form below. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.