The REALTORS® Road Map to Mortgages 101: Loan Process & 3 Loan Silos

The course is to educate REALTORS®, Home Buyers, Homeowners, Investors and Real Estate Managers on the home loan process, available loan products and a general understanding of matching loan choices to Buyers needs in today’s current market.

Section 1 Provides current basic knowledge of the home loan process. This includes the application process, processing, underwriting, and funding. REALTORS® will learn the fundamentals of the loan process to be able to speak intelligently with Home Buyers and be able to set realistic expectations.

Section 2 Discusses the three (3) loan silos available to Home Buyers today. This will educate REALTORS® and Homeowners about the many loan options available for both the W2 employee, self-employed, retired Home Buyers and investment Buyers.

Upcoming sessions

July 16 in OC REALTORS® Fountain Valley: 02:00PM - 03:00PM