Member Safety

Safety Resources

Our members' safety is of utmost concern to us. We've compiled a number of resources to help you stay safe in the field. 

For a police, fire, or medical emergency, always dial 911. To report a property crime where danger is not present and there is no immediate opportunity to catch the suspect, call the nonemergency number listed for your area.

Safety Training

Orange County REALTORS® hosts annual classes in September for REALTOR® Safety Month.

Office Safety Forms

These documents can be customized to meet your needs (Courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS®)


Resources and Articles

California Department of Justice database listing registered sex offenders:

U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Directory:

REALTOR® Safety Program

  • The goal of the REALTOR® Safety Program is to reduce the number of safety incidents that occur in the industry, so every REALTOR® comes home safely to his or her family every night. We will accomplish this goal together with our members by improving the Safety Culture in the industry: Talk about safety; create a safety plan and follow it; and encourage your fellow REALTORS® to do the same. Learn more.

REALTOR® Safety Network Policy

  • This REALTOR® Safety Network was created to enable the National Association of REALTORS® to gather information about potential safety issues; share the information with the local/state association; and, when appropriate, issue alerts to members and AEs via social media using the hashtag #realtorsafetynetwork. Learn more.

Orange County NAMI Warmline

  • Warmline Network Services is telephone-based, non-crisis support for anyone struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. The staff providing the services has been through a similar journey, either as a mental health or substance abuse services consumer, or as a family member of an individual receiving these services. You can call 877-910-WARM, call or text 714-991-6412, and Live Chat at namioc.org

REALTOR® and Affiliate Wellness (RAW) Group

  • The RAW Group's mission is to create a fellowship for REALTORS® and Affiliates of Orange County REALTORS® who may be struggling with personal or work-related stress, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, or any form of addiction to come together and share their experience, strength, and hope by providing a safe meeting space. Meetings are held monthly. Learn more.

REALTOR® Safety Discussion Series: An Open Conversation About Mental Wellness

  • Hear stories from fellow REALTORS®, and listen to an open conversation about mental wellness while dealing with the gritty reality of the industry. This session was recorded on July 14, 2021, moderated by REALTOR® Safety Advisory Committee member E'toile Libbett, and features REALTORS® Bobbi Howe, Christy Gessler, and mental health counselor Shirley Lytle, M.Div., LMHC, CSAT. Watch the conversation.


From time-to-time, Orange County REALTORS® may receive information regarding an unsettling encounter or a suspicious circumstance that occurred. If ever you feel unsafe, please call 9-1-1 immediately. We’d also like to encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency to report any suspicious activity or persons. Trust your instincts—if something feels “off,” make the call. Sometimes Orange County REALTORS® receives questions about why we haven’t or did not broadcast information to our members. This can be a complicated issue which we evaluate seriously. We want to ensure that you are informed—with reliable information that empowers you. Orange County REALTORS® has established relationships with local law enforcement, and we look to our law enforcement partners to provide us with the details and the direction when to broadcast certain types of information. Please make sure you read the bi-weekly What's Up for any safety alerts. This email is delivered to all members every-other Monday.



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