Addressing Our Own Implicit Bias: The Impact of Bias and Microagressions (Fair Housing Week)

When left unchecked, our Biases and/or use of Microaggressions permeate all aspects of the workplace. The truth is, we are all biased to some degree, and our choice of words has an impact on others, but just knowing this is not enough. Gain a better understanding of our natural thought processes and behaviors, how they can harm others, and how to steer this process toward more equitable choices. Emerge better placed to think critically about your treatment of others and move past the social conditioning that can sometimes make this hard to do.    

Instructor: Rudhir Krishtel, Krishtel Coaching

Prior to becoming an executive coach and consultant, Rudhir practiced law as a law firm partner and in-house counsel at Apple. His lawyer days led him to train as a teacher for yoga and mindfulness meditation, and as a professional coach and leadership instructor where he serves as a much-needed support for the professional community. Rudhir specializes in creating the space for difficult conversations and growth at the intersection of Leadership, Well-Being and DEI issues. He offers tools for those affected by the most challenging aspects of professional life. We hope you all take advantage of the opportunity we have here today. He came to us highly recommended from several of you based on trainings he has offered elsewhere, so we are looking forward to this time together.
02:00 pm - 03:30 pm