Safety Awareness & Self Defense for the Real Estate Professional

Defense in Depth:
In this dynamic presentation, students will learn to recognize the significant threats endemic to the real estate industry, including the targeting of real estate agents by career criminals and sex offenders.

Critical Skills Taught:
  • Learn how to verify the identities of prospective clients and screen them for criminal and civil litigation histories, concerning character issues, and potential violence
  • Develop skills to analyze neighborhoods for crime patterns, sex offenders, and other hazards
  • Gain valuable insight into criminal behavior and the psychology of survival
  • Acquire practical skills to detect, deter, and disengage from violent predators
  • Attendees do not participate in any physical self defense techniques during the class. This is lecture only.

Instructor: Jeff Liberman has spent twenty-four years in law enforcement. Currently a lieutenant with a large Southern California law enforcement agency, he has extensive experience in intelligence operations, counterterrorism, and investigations.

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