DRE Salesperson Crash Course Review for CA. State Exam

One Day Exam Prep Crash Course for CalBRE State Exam

This live exam prep class includes 8-hours of non-stop, fun-filled learning. During the lecture, all seven subject areas tested on the exam will be covered, with time for questions.

Practice Exams: There are practice questions at the end of each chapter and hundreds of practice exam questions designed to resemble your actual test.

Glossary: Real Estate terms with the definitions. Included in the textbook and online.

Our Exclusive Online Flashcards: Grades always increase with flashcards. Flashcards are your easy-to-study method.

Study Guide/Final Briefing: Study tips, test taking ideas, and what to do and not do at the exam.

Guarantee! If you fail the exam twice after taking this course twice, your tuition will be refunded.

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Cost: $150

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Upcoming sessions

October 10 in Online Webinar: 08:30AM - 04:30PM